As a tax-exempt nonprofit, our annual returns are required by law to be publicly accessible. To make it easier to find this information and promote transparency, you can access our latest filings right here on our website.


Form 990 2017 with Schedules

This is the required annual tax return for organizations exempt from income tax. It includes:

  • Schedule A: provides required information about public charity status

  • Schedule D: gives supplemental financial information

  • Schedule O: supplies narrative information to specific questions on Form 990

MN Attorney General Reports

North Country Food Alliance is required to file annual reports with the charities division of the Minnesota Attorney General’s office. Click to view a summary of our financial reports, going back to the fiscal year ending in 2015.

Form 1023 with Attachments

The form North Country Food Alliance was required to file to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit. This was a one-time application. The attachments provide narrative explanations for specific questions in Form 1023.