First Workers' Meeting


Last night we had our first meeting of the workers of North Country Food Alliance! We took some important steps, including formalizing a democratic process by which to make decisions, setting a weekly time for our meetings, finalizing details of the canvass operation, and authorizing two individuals to act as volunteer canvass coordinators for the time being. As a new organization, it is vital that we lay a solid foundation upon which our programs can flourish. Therefore, we are carefully considering each decision to be made and setting time limits on some decisions; for example, our democratic process is subject to review within a month's time. This is to ensure that things are running smoothly and that everyone feels the process is fair.

I wish I had a picture of all our workers to show here, but everyone was tired from a long day of hard work in the intense heat and as such wasn't very enthusiastic about picture taking. I did manage to get a picture of some folks picking through the left-overs of yesterday's foodshare, though!