Community Meals

Cooking Together, Serving Food

Call for submissions: all chefs, cooks, bakers, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, dietitians, homeopaths, natural medicine practitioners, non-profit workers, and more! Please send an email to with your idea on how NCFA could use our new truck to disrupt hunger and malnutrition.


The Food Truck

In Fall 2018 we purchased a 1995 Chevy Utilimaster step van and spent the winter dreaming about how we can use it to make a difference in our community. This summer, in between piloting new programs, we want to hear how you think a single food truck can make an impact in your community!

Here are some programs we may pilot this year:

Culinary skills programming

NCFA will partner with a high school (TBD) and provide students management and cooking classes with the opportunity to gain real world experience working in and operating a food truck. Students in this program will accrue internship hours, practical kitchen skills, and business acumen.

Holistic healing events

Food needs to be a part of the conversation about health care. A staggering percentage of the most common diseases are directly linked to diet. By partnering with traditional Western and alternative healing experts, participants at our holistic healing events will gain exposure to a variety of ways to heal the body and spirit.

Nutritionists, dietitians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, homeopaths, energy workers, and more will converge to give concentrated care to those most in need. This model will flip conventional health care upside down - caretakers will be waiting to see YOU, not the other way around.

Entrepreneur Test Kitchen

Have you ever thought of running a food truck? Do you know someone who should? Send them our way! The NCFA community meals program is looking for local cooks who have a passion and vision for feeding their communities. We provide the kitchen, equipment, and food, you supply the vision and community.

Operation Green Bodega

Do you love your neighborhood corner store? What about your CSA? What if they were one and the same?

We are currently searching for a corner store and CSA to partner with to host a cooking competition. The corner store’s selection will be supplemented by the CSA’s offerings. Competitors in the tournament will pass a qualifier working on the NCFA truck. Those competing will be challenged to only use ingredients found in the store to cook a meal on our truck. They will be judged on how delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare the meal is. Winners will have their meal featured at the Bodega for a year.

Catering Events

The NCFA truck will be provide catering to events and groups that align with our mission. Minimum $500.


  • Install a Salamander Broiler

  • Working generator