Building Urban Food Sources


Our current garden in North Minneapolis

This is the sixth garden we’ve managed in our six years of operation.

Many people take food for granted, assuming they can purchase whatever they need at any time. However, obtaining fresh, quality produce can be difficult for those living far away from grocery stores, as well as people of low wealth, people experiencing home insecurity, and people facing other hardships. Additionally, people who live in cities often have little connection to their food supply, not knowing how to grow food or what their food even looks like before it’s harvested and packaged. We at NCFA believe that a strong connection to food improves the health of our communities and its members.

This is why we build and maintain community gardens in working class neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. These gardens do not follow the traditional model of leasing out parcels to individuals; rather, everything is communally worked, and the produce is free for community members to enjoy. We also offer donation-based workshops, giving people the opportunity to learn how to grow their own healthy food, and hold neighborhood events to bring people together. Any surplus produce goes toward our foodshare program and is given away completely free-of-charge to Metro Area food shelves, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens.

When NCFA first began, we built gardens at our office and in community member’s yards. Our program has since expanded; we now take advantage of Minneapolis’ program of leasing vacant lots for the purpose of growing food. We started one such garden in North Minneapolis in 2017; this is our sixth garden project in our six years of operation. If you live in the area and are interested in participating, please contact us!


Current Garden Site

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